module fails alias/option 2.1.129

module fails alias/option 2.1.129

Post by Joseph Mac » Mon, 23 Nov 1998 04:00:00

It seems that the commands alias and options are not recognised
for loading lp.o

the lp part of my rc.modules  is

alias char-major-6 lp
alias parport_lowlevel parport_pc
options parport_pc io=0x378 irq=7
/sbin/modprobe parport_probe
/sbin/modprobe lp

when I run

alias parport_lowlevel parport_pc

I get the error "parport_lowlevel parport_pc unknown"

the line with option gets

"option - command not recognised"

I can't load lp as a module, but it runs fine as a static
in the kernel. All other modules work fine (none of them
require alias or option).

I have modules activated in the kernel, get the same
failure whether
kerneld is running or not, all utils (incl modutils)
are the ones recommended in the 2.1.129 documentation.
compiling with gcc-, glibc-2.0.7, binutils 2.9.1.
Slakware 3.5

Thanks Joe
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