need drivers/sound/

need drivers/sound/

Post by Alejandro Dubrovs » Thu, 24 Jul 1997 04:00:00

my linux/drivers/sound/ has been corrupted for a while now.  It
isn't much of a problem since none of the bits that are out of sync are
related to my hardware but it's just annoying seeing that .rej file every
time i patch my kernel source.  It seems like a waste of time downloading
the whole kernel just for that file, so if anyone has the
corresponding to v2.1.45 or 2.1.46 and is feeling helpful, could he/she
email it to me or post it in this newsgroup?
Alejandro Dubrovsky


1. need /usr/src//linux/drivers/sound/

I had been running Linux 2.0.28 for close to a year, and
decided to patch up to 2.0.33

In the past no patches from 2.0.0 to 2.0.28 gave me any
problems, that I recall, but when installing these few
I had a problem with the

The failed patch contained text comments that weren't in my
file and a make line that were not in my

I would like to avoid downloading the entire 2.0.33 kernel
just for one munged file.

Is there someplace I can ftp just the drivers/sound files?


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