Problems with SVGATextMode 0.9 and kernel => 1.3

Problems with SVGATextMode 0.9 and kernel => 1.3

Post by J|rn Lok » Thu, 17 Aug 1995 04:00:00

After upgrading to kernel 1.3 (and above), a rather strange problem has
popped up from nowhere.
When (trying) to start SVGATextMode 132x43x8, the screen starts to
jump/shake and is more or less totally unreadable.  This all started with
kernel 1.3.4 where most VGA-options were removed from LILO.
But, if I boot 1.2.0 and then reboot with 1.3.19, all works perfectly well.
Any ideas?  Oh, BTW; I run a Diamond Stealth 64 and a Topfly monitor, and
I've had no problems with these two earlier.



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I installed Slackware using kernel 1.2.13.  As soon as I downloaded &
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can't seem to run pppd (get message "Sorry, ppp is not available on your
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am also getting some messages re/"... broken flock .." when I load the

Anybody got any ideas??

Thanks in advance.

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