Interesting chicken and egg problem.

Interesting chicken and egg problem.

Post by Alex Buel » Sun, 03 May 1998 04:00:00

You might recall that I couldn't get 2.1.99 to work, but I did get 2.1.98
to run - and I noticed that the statement which I put into my rc.d/rc.S
file to enable either kmod or kerneld to run depending on the kernel in
use as follows:

if [ ! -f /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe -a -x /sbin/kerneld ]; then

That above statement DOES not work! It still loads /sbin/kernel in 2.1.98!

On further investigation; I figured out that the kernel hadn't yet
initialised the /proc filesystem by the time it encountered that
statement, and hence it didn't know that /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe
existed! Trouble is, it needs kerneld or kmod to mount the /proc
filesystem. (according to my /etc/fstab, that is)

So, I came up with a hack that seems to work; but might break, should the
boot filesystem be corrupt or if uname and cut does not exist:

if [ `uname -r | cut -c1-3` = '2.0' ]; then

I figure this will work as long as the boot filesystem is mounted, even if
it is read-only. Pretty safe, I think. Of course, if you boot a 1.x
kernel... well.. upgrade!

What do you think, guys?

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I have an old 486 machine that I would like to setup as a Linux box.  Like
many Linux converts, I'm from the Windows world.  The problem is that I
can't get Linux on the computer without first having Linux on the computer.

Here's the setup: 486-33, 18MB RAM, 230MB HD.  I have a RedHat 5 CD, and I
can run the setup program just fine using a boot and supplemental disk.  Now
for the problem: my CD-ROM drive isn't supported by the RedHat setup prog.
(It's a 1X Philips LMS205.)

Because of this, I can't do a CD-ROM install.  My other option is a hard
drive install.  However, the RedHat setup program can't read FAT16
filesystems.  Meaning I have to be running Linux to copy the files to the
HD, and I have to be able to copy the files to the HD to run Linux.

I have two new ATAPI CD-ROM drives laying around (6X and 24X), but the old
486 motherboard won't support them (I think).

Do you have /any/ ideas on how to get Linux on the crazy computer?

Thanks a lot!!

Bruce Christensen
bruce at iname dot com

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