Kernel crash : no driver for PCI SIS 5107

Kernel crash : no driver for PCI SIS 5107

Post by Uluc Saran » Sat, 19 Jul 1997 04:00:00


I have recently bought a notebook computer with PCI bios and
some PCI hardware. When I try to boot from the installation
floppies, the kernel gives a warning about not knowinf the
device number 1039:5107 which turns out to be the Silicon
Integrated Systems Hot Docking Controller 5107. I could not
find a kernel with that device driver and, I amn not sure
whther this is the actual cause of the crash. After giving the
warning, the kernel just stops booting and freezes.

I guess I really need help in this. If anyone have any idea
about any other potential problems or even temporary solutions
to at least obtaining a working kernel in this case, I would
really appreciate it. Eventually, I will try to write a driver
for this device although I have no idea about the specs of it
or the workings of PCI devices. Naturally, it is almost impossible
to do kernel development without my computer having linux working
first. Summary: I am in trouble, help me. If anyone can help me
on this and need more information on my configuration please
send me e-mail etc.



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EECS, University of Michigan                        


1. Linux & SiS 5107 PCI Hot Docking Controller ( as on AJP / ProStar / Kapok 6200)

I am interested in purchasing a Notebook to run RedHat Linux.  I was
about to invest in an AJP 6200 but then found a number of recent
postings reporting a fatal Linux installation boot problem on Notebook
computers which contain the SiS 5107 PCI Hot Docking Controller.  e.g.:

This has been reported on OEM versions of the P166MMX Kapok 6200 (AJP in
the UK and ProStar in the US) and something called a Sager.  It was
reported using RedHat Linux (extensively by Peter Pilgram) and but there
is also references to this being a problem with other Linux

Does anyone know if there is a known, reliable fix for this problem?

seemed to get close to a solution by modifying the kernal but reported
X-Server problems that may be a consequence or related.

I have CC'd all the original posters in the hope that perhaps they
resolved their problem and can shed some light on it in general.

Paul Bandler
Compass Software Engineering

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