Enabling VLB_32_BIT

Enabling VLB_32_BIT

Post by Milind D Paranj » Mon, 10 Apr 1995 04:00:00


I tried enabling the VLB_32_BIT option in ide.c, and got
a kernel panic as Linux tried to mount the hard-drive
as root.  All the option seems to do is write strings
to the data port using 32 bit instructions instead
of 16 bit ones.  I poked through the DOS driver that
came with the card, and saw that it does the same thing--
intercept int 13h calls which require string writes to
the data port of the controller, and use 32 bit
instructions.  I did notice one thing, though.  In
the driver's initialization routine, it wrote 0x55
to the sectors port (port 0x172, I think), and read
three times from the same location using 8 bit
instructions.  At the end, this value was checked
to be 0.  So, my question is, why does it work in DOS
and not in Linux?  Do I have to somehow tell the card
to let me use 32 bit instructions?  I have tried
using REALLY_SHOW_IO and disabling REALLY_FAST_IO.
Going in REALLY_FAST mode works when I'm not using
VLB_32_BIT.  Any clues?




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