help me: lilo & framebuffer, tv-capture-card

help me: lilo & framebuffer, tv-capture-card

Post by Cine » Thu, 03 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I'm having trouble configuring the kernel with the append line.
I want to get 640x480 mode with 32 bits and 100 Hz horizantal frequency.
I've tried:


"mem=128M parport=0x378,7 video=matrox:vesa:786,fv:100Hz,fh:85kHz"

and different other combinations of fv and fh parameters.

I could make it to enable 32-bit mode, but i don't get the 32-bit mode
every time i reboot (bug?).

My hardware:

P III - 500, Matrox Mystique 170MHz RAMDAC, 128MB RAM

2.3.35-2.3.42 (needed for HPP366)

2nd Problem:

My tv-capture-card behaves strangely.
When I start xawtv there is only picture and loud noise.
There is no way how to tune in the german channel Premiere.
The only channel i can't get anymore, since I updated from 2.2.x to
version 2.3.x.
What's up ?

But there are 2 strange ways how to get sound:
1. I changed to the broken Premiere and back again.
2. I rmmod the modules bttv and msp3400. And restart xawtv.

What is this about?

My further hardware:
WinTV radio (Bt878)

conf.modules (the important part)
# TV - Capture device

options bttv              card=10 radio=1 pll=1
alias char-major-81       videodev
alias char-major-81-0     bttv
alias char-major-89       i2c-dev

post-install           bttv /sbin/modprobe "-k" msp3400
options tuner          type=1
pre-install            bttv /sbin/modprobe "-k" "tuner"
post-install i2c-core  modprobe "-k"

Anyone can help ?
Thank You.



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I am an absolute novice to linux.
I'll appreciate your help.

I'd like to setup multiple TV tuner cards(FOUR tuner cards to be
exact) in one computer.
The sole purpose of this is to watch 4 different Video signals
SIMULTANEOUSLY, however, no video capturing is needed, in
fact, the computer will not be utilized for any other computational
functions other than simultaneous display of 4 different
video signals.
Each video input signal will be normal NTSC signal feed(such as
Camcorder line-out) through normal RCA video jack.
One may call it a linux multiplexor.

I hear Mandrake is newbie-friendly, can this be achieved under
What card? tuner card or capture card? Since no tuning or capturing is
needed, either type will do. What card of this sort is
more linux friendly? (Does Mandrake handle USB TV tuners or USB video
capture devices?)
What TV tuner program? KwinTV?
Will 4 PCI cards in one computer perform simultaneously without
conflicts(IRQ, etc)?

Any and all possible problems I may encounter in this setup?

Thank you all.

I do not want to use USB cameras or any other cameras that utilize
signal standards other than NTSC.

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