Specs for Philips Vesta (pro) webcam

Specs for Philips Vesta (pro) webcam

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I'm looking for specifications for the PCVC680 USB * (vesta (pro) ).
Philips is not releasing specifications (except for NDA'd specs), so i'm
looking for 'open' specs, maybe from somebody who reverse-engineered a
windows driver, so i can write a kernel module for it (open source).
Any lead is helpful.

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1. Getting the Philips Vesta pro integrated microphone functionning


Does anyone got the microphone for Philips Vesta pro Webcam working
and how ?
I loaded both the pwc and audio module on a MDK8 with kernel 2.4.4-6.
The video works very well but not the microphone. :-((

A external microphone plugged in my SB Live value soundcard is
functionning perfectly well on /dev/dsp. I tried /dev/dsp1 for the
integrated microphone but with no result. I also created /dev/dsp2, 3
and 4 but they do not work either...

On /dev/dsp2 I have the following error message : ioctl set dupleix :
Inappropriate ioctl for device...


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