Changing Hashes in ReiserFS

Changing Hashes in ReiserFS

Post by Neeko Neekosa » Thu, 05 Apr 2001 17:24:10


Is it possible to change the Hash function for my ReiserFS root
partition? It's using the bad-performing "tea" hash, which was the
deafault a few months ago. But now the default is the much better
r5 hash.

there is a mount option for hashes, hash=[r5,rusapov,tea,detect]...

Can I just change it to R5 and have it work? Am I risking damage, or will
it just completely fail outright?

thanks - nick.


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        Is there literature any where that explains how a tcp connection
control block (tcb) is hash inserted? I am interested in:

1. Hashing data structure used. And what is the hash function?
2. How are collisions handled?
3. What is the worst case search time in case of collisions?

I did not find the answers to this anywhere. Any help would be highly


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