Linux ext2fs IFS for OS/2 : ext2-os2 V0.5 now available

Linux ext2fs IFS for OS/2 : ext2-os2 V0.5 now available

Post by Matthieu WIL » Sun, 31 Dec 1995 04:00:00


I've just uploaded the last version of ext2-os2 on in
/incoming (then /new and /os2/diskutil). The file is

ext2-os2.ifs is a file system driver that allows OS/2 to seamlessly access
Linux native partitions (ext2fs partitions) in both read and write modes.
Once installed, Linux partitions appear as standard OS/2 drive letters, one
per Linux partition. It is a port of the original Linux ext2fs kernel code.

This new release includes some major improvements over V0.4 :
- performance (use of OS2DASD.DMD's extended I/O interface)
- dynamic cache (port of the Linux disk cache code)
- HPFS like behavior for file names : this fixes the apps that were broken
  because they uppercase file names.

Matthieu WILLM                  I do *NOT* speak for IBM ...


1. Linux ext2fs IFS for OS/2 - ext2-os2 V0.4 beta now available

Linux ext2fs IFS for OS/2 - ext2-os2 V0.4 beta now available


I've just uploaded ext2-os2 version 0.4 beta. ext2-os2 is an Installable File
System (IFS) for OS/2 that provides read and write access to  Linux native
partitions formatted with the ext2fs file system. This is a port based on the
ext2fs 0.5b code (Linux 1.2.1 kernel sources). After some setup manipulations,
Linux partitions will appear as new drive letters (one per ext2fs partition).
You can then access them seamlessly like normal OS/2 drives.

I'm developing this driver during my spare time (even if I work for IBM, IBM
doesn't have anything to do with this driver, I develop it at home), so it
doesn't progress very quickly, and is probably not yet perfect.

This package also includes the latest version of Deon van der Westhuysen's Linux
partition filter driver (ext2flt V1.2b), which allows ext2-os2 to work with
ext2fs partitions without altering the partition table.

Please notice that this is still beta level stability code ...

You can find ext2-os2 on in the /incoming directory, a file
named It will be eventually moved to /new and /os2/diskutil. I'm
waiting for your feedback on how it works on your machine, and please feel free
to send me any comments, suggestions, bug reports and so on.

Happy beta testing,

Matthieu WILLM                  I do *NOT* speak for IBM ...

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