Archive tape problem

Archive tape problem

Post by Michael Eng » Mon, 09 Jan 1995 22:08:35

Hello all,

I have a somewhat weird problem with my tape drive, an Archie 2150S.

My configuration:
386DX40 16 MB RAM
Adaptec 1542CF
Quantum LPS540S on SCSI ID 0
Quantum LPS425S on SCSI ID 1
Archie tape on SCSI ID 4

Whenever I try to access the tape (via tar, cpio or dd), the tape rewinds
for a few seconds, then I get a SCSI timeout error foer targets 0 and 1
(ie the disk drives). When the tape starts running, everything seems to work
OK. After the tape operation is completed, I get lots of messages complaining
about unexpected interrupts.

This did not happen with kernel 1.08, but with all later kernel versions
I was using : 1.1.35, 1.1.59 and 1.1.73. Still worse, 1.1.35 and 1.1.59
got a kernel panic with the message "can't find free mailbox for aha1542"
(or similar).

I assume the SCSI bus is not released while the tape is rewinding, so the disks
cannot be synced.
Additionally, from time to time I get lots of messages "inode xyz already
cleared." which sure as hell make fsck fail on the next reboot.

So, what am I doing wrong ? The tape works fine with my Sun-3/60, so it can't
be the drive.

Any help is appreciated  !
Thanks a lot,


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