include files, have they bee moved

include files, have they bee moved

Post by Robert J. Lebowi » Sat, 30 Mar 1996 04:00:00

In the latests series of kernels I've found that I can no longer compile
many applications.  In particular, types.h and errno.h can't be found by
the gcc 2.7.2 compiler.  Its not because I've neglected to include the
soft links from the linux source to the /usr/include subdirectory.

I noticed a note in another group that talked about the movement of some
of the include files.  I'm not that familiar with bash configuration, but
is there someway to insure that make looks in the right place for these

I'm currently trying to construct the new libc for my system.



1. RFC: moving ACPI includes under include/

On Wed, 1 Aug 2001 15:40:48 -0700 ,

Good idea.  SCSI used to have include/scsi but moved the include files
to drivers/scsi and it is obvious that the move was a mistake.  Far too
much code has abominations like #include "../../scsi/hosts.h".  large
enough sub systems should have their own directory under include.

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