set_multicast_list callback problem.

set_multicast_list callback problem.

Post by Kang-Hyuk Le » Tue, 15 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Hi all .
I'm developing my first network driver which can receive multicast
I set 'dev->set_multicast_list' with my call back function.
It is called when I changed device flags by ifconfig command, so I think
the call back function is installed correctly.

The problem is that the call back function is not called when list of
multicast address is changed , though the IFF_MULTICAST flag has been

Does anyone know the cause of this problem?

Thank in advance.


1. callback-2.00 restricted modem access and callback

Dear Linuxers,

    I just uploaded callback-2.00.tar.gz to the following ftp-sites:     -   the pub/unix directory     -   to appear in ./system/Serial      -   to appear in ./sources/usr.bin/Communications

    Previous versions of callback (1.21) and of our dial-in-monitor (dim, 1.03)
are now considered obsolete, and are no longer supported by us.

    The callback package (originally developed by Karel Kubat) allows you to
implement restricted modem-access and callback to and from your Linux-box.

For some of us this results in an acceptable phone-bill: the employer pays the
phone connection, and gets (in return) you to work until late at night from
your computer at home.

Apart from this down-to-earth argument, callback also improves security:
although there is a modem, only 'trusted' people can use it, since they're
being called back.

Compared to previous versions (up to 1.21) callback now offers extra features:

    - multiple modems are supported,
    - both callback and dial-in control are supported (thus making another
        program of ours, dim (1.03), obsolete),
    - almost everything is runtime configurable,
    - users may be given selected access to callback-destinations,
    - the documentation is more extensive (and hopefully: improved)

Questions/comment regarding callback 2.00 should be directed to:

     |     |

      Frank B. Brokken

        Phone:     (+31) 50 63 36 88 (mo-fr, 9:00-17:00 MET, DST if active)
                   (+31) 59 03 22 23 (otherwise, until Oct. 9, 1995)
                   (+31) 50 403 2223 (starting Oct. 10, 1995).


PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.

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