Logitech Mouse Interclick

Logitech Mouse Interclick

Post by Christian Hoffma » Thu, 25 May 1995 04:00:00

Dear Collegues,

When I installed the Walnut Creek Linux distribution on my PC, I encountered a problem
 with my three button Logitech mouse. The middle button would not be interclickable with
the other buttons. (Interclick = hold one mouse button down, then click another button,
release this other button, before you release the first button)

I made contact with Logitech in Romanel/Switzerland, and they traced the problem.
 They say that the old mouse protocol "5B" is no longer supported. The only protocol
 now supported by their mouse hardware is "MPLUS".

This is the reason that I contact you:

 Is anyone out there aware of this situation and
 willing to develop a mouse driver for Linux implementing the "MPLUS" protocol?


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Subject says it all,  after weeks of pain, grief, frustration, hating
everybody who kept telling me that Logitech mice work fine with 0.96bp2.
I finally got my Logitech Mouseman (3 buttons) to work.  Simply by
uncommenting the line in Xconfig for a Microsoft mouse. (Thank you whoever
posted this little snippet of advice, if only I had known).  However, I have
a 3 BUTTON mouse and would really like to use it as such.  Does anybody have
a Mouseman working with 3 buttons.  Please, please tell me if you do.

Thanks (I hope) in advance,


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