Userfs - any news ?

Userfs - any news ?

Post by Marcus Danie » Fri, 10 Feb 1995 08:22:52

Antonio> Do anyone have news about userfs ?  Last version is 0.81 (Aug
Antonio> 23)

I've added Mac and DOS CUTCP support to ftpfs, fixed some bugs in
ftpfs, and I'm now in the process of modernizing userfs to libc4.6.27,
snapshot g++, and PL88.

I not sure how long it will take to fix.  Librx is causing me
grief right now, and there is a memory corruption that is probably
related to the library/compiler upgrade, or may
simply be a latent bug.  The other applications may work
fine, I haven't tried.

If anyone is interested in hacking on this, mail me.
If anyone has it all working, please me mail!