IDE Lost after upgrade

IDE Lost after upgrade

Post by Chris To » Thu, 13 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I just upgraded my kernel to 1.3.57 and everything went smooth except
now Linux cannot find my IDE. I compiled 1.3.57 using ELF and gcc 2.7.2
and I have my root on my SCSI drive so I came up fine. I only use my IDE
for my swap and to be able to access my DOS partion. I didn't even
notice their was a problem untill I ran out of virtual memory (I have 16
megs of Ram and HAD two 16meg swap partitions.)So when I had to reboot,
I watched and it said that /dev/hda was not a valid device and I know it
was working with 2.1.13 because I saved a copy of that kernel and can
boot up with it and it recognizes the IDE. I know the ide is working
because I can boot into Dos. Anbody have any ideas? I really don't want
to put my swap on the same drive as my system if I can avoid it. Thanks
in advance for your help.


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Hi there,

I've recently add a good ol' Sb16PNP in my linuxbox runnig Mandrake 8.0.
The problem is that, apparently, the ide interface of that sound card is
conflicting with the integrated secondary ide interface of my motherboard
(irq 15) and, at boot time, while the sb16 ide is recognize as ide6, I can't
access any drive connected to the secondary IDE port.  Any time there is an
access, system is blocked a while with a kernel message : hdc (or hdd) :
lost interrupt.

When I take the Sb16 off, everything is ok.

Is there any way to disable ide6 with a kernel param (with lilo), something
like "append ide6=go_to_bed_and_stop_conflicting".

Thanks for your help.


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