REQ Fast data acquisition with Linux

REQ Fast data acquisition with Linux

Post by Carlo Baff » Sat, 06 Jun 1998 04:00:00


We are developing a Linux system which need a very high inputa data
let's say more than 5Mbytes/sec (in reality we get 16 or 32 bits
We have found few PCI board around which can do the work (National
general Standard, etc. ), but, of course, all of them with NT or Win95
Before reinventing the wheel, there is someone which already developed a
driver for one of these fast boards?

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Can Anybody Suggest me how to start off with  data acquisition
progamming in c on linux ,using the DAP card would be kind if
someone let me know some websites which guides how to start
programming or some sites where examples are there .........i have
done  data acquisition using Graphical Language and i want to try in
linux using "C" ........i also want to know how to interact with the
DAP card

can any body please give some guide lines


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