How Inode cache and Directory Cache are maintained By VFS of Linux Kernel

How Inode cache and Directory Cache are maintained By VFS of Linux Kernel

Post by SunSTOVE Te » Fri, 21 Feb 2003 19:55:10

We r developing  new filesystem  which is to be registered with linux
kernel(i.e VFS Layer). We know , how to register file system with VFS
layer.But we do not know the working of inode cache and directory
cache. Can anybody tell us or give links to get the information
regarding detail working of inode cache and directory cache inside
linux kernel(VFS Layer).

We r going to develop filesystem which will not have any device,
instead it will bring the file data from the remote server.In short we
r developing Storage Virtualization Engine.


1. Introduce new VFS inode cache lookup function

Yum. I need similar functionality for JFFS2 garbage collection. When moving
a data node, we currently iget() the inode to which it belongs and update
its in-core extent lists accordingly. If the inode in question wasn't
already present, there's no real need to do that.


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