/proc file table overflow

/proc file table overflow

Post by Robert Shingledeck » Sun, 19 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I am currently running 1.2.8.  After about 10 hours of continuous use the
system halts with

    /proc file table overflow

How does one "tune" the kernel to increase this file table.  The only
info I have found is the explanation of the purpose for this "file".
My system has 64MB of memory, so memory is not the problem.  I am running
alot of very small processes.

Robert Shingledecker


1. /proc file table overflow

My 1.2.8 system is halting with the following error message:

  /proc file table overflow

Is there a start-up parameter to increase the size of the file table?
How do you "tune" the kernel to allow for a larger file table for /proc?
Do I have to edit a header file and re-compile a kernel?  I have 64MB
of memory and am running numerous small jobs.  Does anyone know the default
size of the /proc file table?  

Robert Shingledecker

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