memory leak in 1.3.41?

memory leak in 1.3.41?

Post by Carl » Sat, 18 Nov 1995 04:00:00

The SIZE field reported by ps and top is enourmous in 1.3.41. For example,
XFree is reportedly using over 5M, amd 1M. With 1.3.32 the numbers are much
smaller. Did something change and the values given by ps are wrong or is there
a memory leak?



1. Kernel 1.3.41 - ip_tcp.h ERRORS!?

I am sort of curious if and how anyone has gotten kernel v1.3.41 to compile?
I did a bit of experimenting and these are my results:

I ftp'd 1.3.40 and could not get it to compile so I deleted and started from
the kernel I had been using...

I started again with 1.3.25 which compiled fine.
Using patches, I compiled at each one until 1.3.35, and found that
1.3.28, 1.3.30 and 1.3.33 and above all would NOT compile?

I am currently at 1.3.32.

I ftp'd from tsx-11 the COMPLETE 1.3.41 and tried to compile it to no avail-
I get two errors having to do with "ip_tcp.h" or "tcp.c" or "ppp.c" - I'm
not really sure how to read the error messages all that fluently.
essentially there is some big long list of the following line:
"from /usr/include/netinet/ip_tcp.h:1," and they just repeat until the end
"from /usr/include/netinet/tcp.h:1,
 from ppp.c:105"
then some other error messages I'm not gonna type in, but I'm sure they are

I've seen some people mention that they have 1.3.40 working - why is it that
the kernel's work on some machines and not others?
Why would my patching kernels cause some to not work and the next one
compiles fine, even though I haven't changed ANYTHING, including when I use
the "make config" I just use the same selections all the time (hit return)?
I guess part of what I'm asking is, why would *whoever* release a new kernel
version that wouldn't compile - are these tested before posting, or is that
infact the reason they _are_ posted - so we users can "debug" them and
report our errors...?

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