Intel i810 Xserver (XFCom_i810)

Intel i810 Xserver (XFCom_i810)

Post by Aminudin Khali » Sat, 31 Mar 2001 00:30:55


I need to modify the X Server for Intel i810 chipset VGA controller .
I've  tried to find the source code from Intel's support website but I
only found the RPM binaries and  the patch file.

If you have the source code  or any related information , please send it
to me ASAP.



1. Intel i810 XServer

I am trying to install the XServer for the Intel Grahic chipset i810. I
am using Suse Linux 6.2. I-ve got the XServer from the Intel Site but
instead of several attempts I failed to set up the XServer.
I checked the Requirmets as described in the intel Paper. -> o.k.

When attempt to start Xserver the message appears:
"Unknown chipset" and "cannot open /dev/agpart".
During compiling the driver source I810Gtt...rpm some  messages appear :

depmod: unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/...

What may be wrong? Why am I so stupid?. Who will help me?

Take your chance and get your place in my personal hall of fame!


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