v2.4.2 doesn't work with MO SCSI drive :((((

v2.4.2 doesn't work with MO SCSI drive :((((

Post by Dr. Nikolai P Kostro » Wed, 28 Mar 2001 20:57:15


I have MO SCSI drive Logitec LMO-1300. This drive works fine with the
kernel 2.2.18. Now I've installed kernel 2.4.2. An attempt to read/write
files from/to  mounted (vfat) MO results in  memory faults and kernel
dump but it is still possible to read directories.

Does anybody know howto bypass that problem?

Thanks in advance.



1. Solaris/x86 v2.5.1: Network doesn't working :(((


  Having installed Solaris/x86 using Driver Update-11 BOOT diskettes I
can not force it to use any of my network card. Having tried 3COM
3c509, Intel EtherExpress 100+, EtherExpress 100B - doesn't working at
all. 3c509 has been found by system, and elx0 was created, but nothing
works. netstat -r and ifconfig -a shows that interface is configured
correctly (IP-address, network mask and so on - everything is O'k).
  EtherExpress doesn't working at all. When I boot from diskettes, it
says Pro100B has been found, but there is NO interfaces were created.
After booting Solaris from hard disk and issuing prtconf command I
didn't found any of ieef (or iprb) modules attached.
  What I do wrong??? Why Solaris doesn't see any of EtherExpress cards
and doesn't working with 3COM card even if it is configured correctly
and working perfect with other systems I tried on this computer???

  Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  Dmitry Niqiforoff
  System Administrator
  Kraft-S, Ltd.
  Samara, Russia

  *** tel 7-8462-412412 *** fax 7-8462-412374 ***

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