Parallel port SCSI drivers

Parallel port SCSI drivers

Post by Justino Badi » Sat, 23 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Are and parallel port SCSI drivers in the works
(i.e. iomega ZIP drive?)

Parallel port SCSI drivers

Post by bill davids » Fri, 06 Oct 1995 04:00:00

| Not that I know of. One major reason is that the manufacturers of these
| things like to keep the interface under nondisclosure; the other is that
| performance of such a thing would be horrible. Just compate the performance
| of PLIP, and especially the load it imposes, with almost any "real"
| Ethernet card. (Other than a 3com 3c501. ;-)

Frankly, who cares about the performance. The ability of PLIP and
parallel net adaptors to provide connectivity using standard
hardware is the important thing. I'm not going to try to run my web
server over these connections, but I will install Linux, or connect
to a printer, or move a few files back and forth from home to the

The SCSI story is the same, install from a portable CD, hook up a
tape long enough to do a backup or restore, that's the ticket. Speed
is nice, but functionality is better.

Parallel adaptors are like the dancing mouse, "the amazing thing is
not that he does it well, but that he does it at all." I don't
always have a spare machine to put at the other end of a PLIP, but I
can carry a portable CD with me and use that to install.

Serious use implies a PCMCIA net or SCSI card, but for casual use a
parallel adaptor would be very useful.


1. Trantor T338 Parallel Port SCSI driver

[ Article reposted from comp.os.linux.hardware ]
[ Author was Jon ]
[ Posted on 21 Mar 1995 23:58:55 GMT ]

I have a Trantor T338 Parallel SCSI adapter that I would like to write a
driver for Linux. From what I can see from the Linux FAQ's no driver

Does anybody know an e-mail address of anybody at Trantor that I can


Can anybody put me in the right direction to where I can find information on
the Trantor T338.

Why hasn't a driver been produced yet? Is this due to non-disclosure from

my e-mail address is;

Jonathan Mackenzie

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