1.3.3X and ELF modules

1.3.3X and ELF modules

Post by George Tayl » Tue, 10 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Has anyone copiled 1.3.3X kernel in ELF format and managed to get
ELF format modules to load? I am using modules-1.1.87. finding dependencies
between modules with depmod works fine but when loading a module insmod
lists large number of unresolved symbols. These symbols are all functions
present in the kernel (not in other modules). This bug happens both if
'use module versions' is on or off. I havn't tried a.out format kernel/mods
as my (own) gcc installsation is ELF only. Looks to me like an error in
insmod or in the kernels module loader but I don't know enough to say what.

If you can help me (I deleted my a.out pcmcia module binaries and my backup
file gives gzip crc errors) I'd be delighted!



1. docs for SVR4 form(3x), menu(3x), and panel(3x)

Hi all!

As mentioned in the subject line, I'm looking for documentation on
the three curses add-on packages under SVR4 called forms(3x),
menus(3x), and panels(3x).  Under AmigaUnix I've got a minimal set of
man pages that describe the prototypes for the functions but no
examples or overall conceptual guideline.

I'd prefer some form of on-line docs, but I'm not against going into
BookStop and looking for hardcopy (in fact, I'll do that later today).

Thanks for the help.
Frank "Crash" Edwards            King Marine Electronics, Inc.
Home: 813/786-3675               Work: 813/530-3411

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