Web Application Development and Integration Middleware for Unix

Web Application Development and Integration Middleware for Unix

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Web Application Development and Integration Middleware for Unix

Dear Web Application Developers,

As a SunSoft Catalyst Developer Program member and a member of the Sun
Java Council, TalentSoft is proud to announce its release of Web+ 3.0 for
Solaris and Linux.

TalentSoft Web+ (WebPlus) is the premier web-based application development
tool for UNIX and Windows. By using an open, easy to learn scripting
language that closely resembles Basic and HTML, developers can quickly
create highly interactive applications that combine the power of database
interaction with the versatility of a thin-client architecture. This makes
Web+ an excellent choice for both large and small corporations wishing to
deploy powerful Internet and intranet applications quickly and

The key features of Web+ are its support for mixed platforms and true
multi-tiered client/server architecture, allowing developers to separate
the Web+ client CGI and Web+ server components to different machines that
may even run with different operating systems. With the components
separated, Web+ is extremely scalable.  Web+ for Sun Solaris was
successfully tested and deployed to PRODUCTION web sites with more than
2,000,000 hits/day with more than 40% of the pages dynamically generated
by Web+. Web+ NT/Unix can be connected to Unix/NT database via ODBC
Drivers provided by Microsoft, Visigenic, Openlink, etc.  This makes Web+
the ideal solution for popular sites with distributed information and
cross platform needs.

The following diagram depicts the basic Web+ 4-Tier Client/Server
architecture that allows all 4 tiers running on 1 server or on 4 or more
servers in a distributed environment:

Web Browser                                     (NT&95/Unix/Mac,etc)
Web Server  -> Webplus.exe/Web+ Client CGI      [Unix/NT&95]
                    | TCP/IP or NT NamePIPE
ODBC Client <- Webpsvr/Webpsvc/Web+ Server      [Unix/NT&95]
    | TCP/IP, NetBEUI, or IPX.
ODBC Server/Request Broker -> DBMS: MS SQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, etc.

While relentlessly trying to improve Web+, we are also busy porting Web+
onto other platforms such as IBM AIX, SCO Unix, SGI IRIX, BSD, HPUX,
Digital Alpha NT & Unix, Mac, etc.  Let us know if you have any special
needs so we can speed up porting Web+ onto the platforms of your choice.
To download a free evaluation copy of Web+ NT, 95, Linux, or Solaris,
visit our web site at http://www.veryComputer.com/.


The TalentSoft Team

TalentSoft - Talent Information Management, LLC.
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Tel: 612-338-8900
Fax: 612-904-0010

Web: http://www.veryComputer.com/

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