New project: Linux driver for NetAccess Primary Rate ISDN card

New project: Linux driver for NetAccess Primary Rate ISDN card

Post by Jason Cliffor » Thu, 30 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I am trying to put together a project to develop a driver for the
NetAccess Primary Rate ISDN interfaces.

They have contributed an API for devloping the driver and their UK
distributor has offered a card for development purposes but I do not
have the skill or time to do the actual development.

Are there people here willing to take this on?

These cards can support up to 60 ISDN B channels so they would be REALLY
useful to small to medium sized ISPs who run Linux for terminal/modem
serving and I have already been approached by a number of UK ISPs who
have expressed an interest.

NetAccess have provided me with a statement that they will release the
API source code under GPL like terms.
Jason Clifford
Genesis Linux Systems


1. PROJECT: NetAccess PRI card driver

I have obtained a statement from NetAccess that they consider their API
code for their ISA PRI ISDN cards to be released under GPL.

They do not intend to produce a 'finished' driver from the code as they
think that typical Linux users prefer to do this for themselves.

Is anyone interested in taking the API and building a module for Linux
to drive these cards. Each card handles either 30 or 60 B channels (in
Europe or 24/48 channels in the US).

Jason Clifford
Genesis Linux Systems

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