kernel drivers

kernel drivers

Post by Jay Goldbe » Wed, 15 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I am about to write a kernel driver for Linux for the first time. I have
written kernel drivers for other Unix systems.  Where would I go to start
looking?  Is there a good book out there for me to get that would be
invaluable.  Thanks
Procrastinate now!
Jay Goldberg

1. SIS7012/K7S5A: ALSA, Kernel driver, SIS's driver... best driver choice?

I'm running Mandrake 8.2 with kernel 2.4.18 on a K7S5A (SIS735).  I've
been trying to determine which is the best driver to use for the
SIS7012 onboard sound, but so far everything I've tried has some sort
of problem:

I started out using the kernel module i810_audio (as suggested in
Elite's K7S5A HOWTO), which works fine with xmms under KDE, but other
programs, such as mpg123, complain that it doesn't support 44100kHz
(I'm guessing this driver is stuck at 48000kHz?).

I attempted to use ALSA 0.9.rc2 (also following the HOWTO), and was
able to load all of the modules, but alsamixer gave me the error:

  alsamixer: failed to open mixer #0/#0 : Success

and yes, I remembered to run ./snddevices .

I also tried using SIS's driver provided on their website, but
everything plays slightly too fast (sounds like someone that has
inhaled a little helium).

So, does anyone have any suggestions?  Which driver is the best
choice, and how do I get it to work properly?  (Yes, I know I should
get a decent sound card, but I'd like to get this one working).

Thanks for the help,
Lance F.

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