Driver development

Driver development

Post by Peter Samuels » Mon, 18 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Quote:> I am entertaining the idea of attempting to write a driver for The
> IBM RAID controller AKA Cheetah. Please recommend helpful reading and
> individuals that might have constructive interest.

By "IBM RAID controller" are you referring to the ServerRAID series?
If so, look for drivers/scsi/ips.[ch] in any recent 2.3 kernel tree.

Peter Samuelson


1. Driver development kit?

My new project requires development of a driver for a PCI based device.  The
folks I work with keep referring to a "driver development kit" as in "Make
sure to get the driver development kit.  It will simplify things."

Well, I've searched the ibm site, etc. and I can find no reference to such a
beast.  Does anyone know if such an animal exists?

Thanks and note the nospam email.  Just reply to the group to make it useful
to all.

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