Read & Write MSR system calls

Read & Write MSR system calls

Post by Stephen Polkowsk » Sat, 24 Jan 1998 04:00:00

        I need to read and write the MSRs as root.  Are there any kernel level
calls that will allow me to do this?  If not, how can I add them?
Thanks in advance.


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1. Question on writing c program implement cp function using UNIX system calls - read, write, etc.

I need to write a c program that will perform like the cp command in UNIX
and copy one file to another. I need to use the UNIX system calls read(),
write(), open(), close(). I know how to open the source file for read access
and destination file for write access with open(), but I am unsure of how to
use read() and write().

I know read takes my file descriptor (fd) of the source file I opened as its
1st arguement. For the second, I need to put those bytes in some sort of
buffer right? Could I just write them directly to the destination file
instead of storing into a buffer? Well if I have to make a buffer for input
I read in I do this:

c = (char *) calloc(100, sizeof(char));

Is that right? If I do this will it work for all files whether they are
binary or ascii files?

The 3rd arg of read() takes in how many  bytes to read, how do I tell it to
read in the entire source file?

So for read, this is what I have so far: read(fd, c, ????) where fd is my
source file descriptor and c as define above.

As for write, I have: write(fd2, ???, ???) where fd2 is the file descriptor
of my destination file. How do I specify it to write what I read from the
input source file and write all of those bytes inputted? Thanks for any

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