Whatever happened to the kernel Hacker's guide?

Whatever happened to the kernel Hacker's guide?

Post by Eric S Rom » Sat, 30 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Whatever happened to the Kernel  hacker's guide?  It said it was going to be
rewritten into a series of other documents, but I haaven't heard anything.
I'm looking for some in depth dodcumentation of the workings of the linux
kernel.  Any suggestions?



1. What happened to the Kernel Hacker's Guide?

The latest one available appears to be 0.6, datestamped early last year.
Half of it's editorial comments saying "Memo: Do this bit sometime".
There's a mention that the KHG was going to be split up into several

Does anyone know where I can find this?

I'm writing a device driver, and need to know how to implement mmap().
The KHG says to look in the VMM section, which doesn't appear to be
there. Currently I've just got a routine in my module that printk's the
data passed to it and returns -EINVAL; but when I run my test program,
nothing happens...

...and, BTW, is there an up-to-date man page on mmap()? And the built-in
kernal functions? I can't find anything.

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