SNI MXB/Emagic Audiowerk8 driver

SNI MXB/Emagic Audiowerk8 driver

Post by Andreas Beckma » Tue, 13 May 1997 04:00:00

Hello world,

I'm currently starting the development of a driver for the
Philips SAA7146 (Multimedia-to-PCI-Bridge), which can be found
on the Siemens/Nixdorf 'MXB' TV-board, as well as on the audioboard
Audiowerk8 from Emagic. In a second step, video and audio applications
must be written for these boards, with an initial focus on displaying
TV in an X window with the SNI board.

If there is already any activity in this direction, I would like to
here from it, so that work can be coordinated.

Here is the current status of the project:

 A first version of a kernel module has been programmed. To read or
 write the SAA7146 registers, which all are located in memory space (and
 not in I/O space), the read(), write(), and ioctl() functions
 together with a device special file are used. The idea is to set
 a register address with ioctl(), and then just read() from or write() to
 the device special file.

Open issues are:

 What additional features should be implemented into the lowlevel driver
 (e.g. predefined operating modes selectable via ioctl()), and what should
 be left to the application?

 Is there a standard way to get the base address of the video memory
 (e.g. on S3-968 video graphics cards, it is the value of the PCI
 configuration space register 0x10)? Does the X server maintain this
 value somewhere?

If you have any comments or are interested in further details, please
e-mail me. Use "SPCI" in the subject for reference to this posting.

Andreas Beckmann

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