Asynchronous I/O + pthreads

Asynchronous I/O + pthreads

Post by Mo » Fri, 15 Feb 2002 07:31:39

In order for a thread to do asynchronous I/O, it has to do an fcntl(
SETOWN ) and then turn on signals on an fd by doing O_ASYNC.

My question is: since on Linux threads are processes, it seems that
the thread that does the SETOWN call, is the one (and only one) that
will receive SIGIOs on that fd. Is there a way to make this more
global and have the SIGIO delivered to any thread in the process
rathar than the thread that actually did the SETOWN call.



1. asynchronous listen/accept

is there a way to let a process listen on a socket
asynchronously ? What about accept ?

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