NFS client hangs

NFS client hangs

Post by Bodo Teichman » Fri, 19 Sep 1997 04:00:00

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hi ,
i have another nfs problem:
if a process reads a file over nfs the process sometimes hangs (it can't
even be stoped by Ctrl-c) after a few minutes (less then 2 minutes) the
process continues (or stops , if a Ctrl-c was pressed befor).

if a process read a very big file that problem occured about every 2 to
4 minutes .

(if i read the file from local drive, there is no problem)

i had the same  problem with the 2.0.18 kernel.

does someone know which kernel version does not have this problem with

BTW: the server is not a linux system (netapp,solaris,irix) , so i'm shure that its not a
server problem and from other (not-linux) unix workstations i have no problem.

bodo teichmann

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1. NFS clients hang redhat linux 7.3 and limbo clients accessing auspex ns2000

We are using an Auspex ns2000 at the office for serving a lot
of different directories including our home directories.  The
mounting is controlled with amd getting maps from nis.  This
has worked reasonably well for all of our UNIX boxes and Linux
boxes... until I upgraded my desktop to RedHat 7.3 and an adv.
development box to Limbo (kernel version 2.4.18-5 and 2.4.18-5.58

Processes on both of these boxes routinely hang when reading or
writing large files on the Auspex.  Things like ls work fine most
of the time.  Until I started to experience this problem we did
not mount with intr, that meant that when it happened, I couldn't
even kill the processes.  I've fixed that, but I can not get the
hangs to stop.  The mount parameters are:


I have messed around with using a smaller rsize and wsize, but that
results in the message

    NFS: short packet in readdir reply!

and does not fix the hang.  I read some discussion that the above
message indicates that the reply is packet is bigger than the buffer
the client has set aside to read it.  The adminstrators of the Auspex
say that they were instructed, by Auspex, to set the rsize and wsize
on the server to 32768.

Any suggestions on what will resolve this problem?  Do I need to tweak
my settings or get the Auspex admins to tweak theirs?  Or do some

Thanks much!

Dick Schoeller

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Waltham, MA 02454      781.663.4507

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