3c59x.c 'debug' question

3c59x.c 'debug' question

Post by Jim Fische » Thu, 29 Mar 2001 21:25:07

In the Linux 2.4.2 source tree, the following lines of code appear in
linux/drivers/net/3c59x.c starting at about line 170:

/* Put out somewhat more debugging messages. (0: no msg, 1 minimal .. 6). */
#define vortex_debug debug
static int vortex_debug = VORTEX_DEBUG;
static int vortex_debug = 1;

My question is this: what the heck is the #define line for ??? It seems to
me that it does nothing useful since the #ifdef-#else-#endif macros are
guaranteed <?> to (re)define the identifier 'vortex_debug' regardless of
whether the #define exists or not.

Also, I'm curious about the identifier 'debug'. Where does it come from,
what's its purpose, how is it used [e.g., an insmod option?], etc. Tks...



1. 3c900, 3c59x on RH5.2 - trying to install @home - can't 'Ping' DNS


service) and I'm unsuccessful.  I have the 3c900-tpo card and succesfully
connect to my ISP under Windows (but want to move to Linux).  I've
installed the 3c59x module and and can now successfully ping my
'Gateway/Router' but cannot ping my DNS/nameserver.  If I go to an MSDOS
prompt while under windows, I can succesfully ping each of these sites.

Also, when I try enabling dhcp I get the error ...Using DHCP for
eth0...failed and I then lose recognition of the card and obviously can't
ping anyone.

Can any expert out there help me out??

Other info;
O/S Redhat 5.2

3c59x driver

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