Kernel Change Summary: 1.3.45

Kernel Change Summary: 1.3.45

Post by Michael Elizabeth Chasta » Tue, 28 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Kernel Change Summary
Linux 1.3.45 (17002 lines)
Mon 27 Nov 1995

arch/ppc/*, include/asm-ppc/*: new Power PC arch (11567 lines) [Gary Thomas].
arch/sparc/*, include/asm-sparc/*: small changes (354 lines) [David Miller].
drivers/block/cmd640.c: cmd640 driver moved to separate file [Igor Abramov].
drivers/block/ide.c: disallow turning on DMA when h/w not capable of DMA.
drivers/block/umc8672.c: experimental support for UMC 8672 [Wolfram Podien].
drivers/char/console.c: setterm sequence for 'set vesa powerdown interval'.
drivers/net/*.c: fix more 'set_multicast_list'.
drivers/sound/Makefile: fix link to name '/usr/src/linux'.
fs/nfs/nfsroot.c: major changes (1297 lines).
fs/open.c: hold inode semaphore while truncating.
fs/read_write.c: hold inode semaphore while writing.
include/linux/fs.h: access functions for 'buffer_head' state bits.
include/linux/timex.h: change 'MAXFREQ'.
include/linux/*.h: change more ioctl defintions to use _IO.
init/main.c: fix nfsroot.

Michael Chastain

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1. kernel 1.3.45 and PPP

Hi folks;

Just compiled 1.3.45 of kernel.  Needed this for SCSI adapter ....
... BUT PPP decided not to work.

        "Sorry - PPP is not available on this system"

I've config'd several times, trying to pull in other TCP/IP *stuff*
to see if there was a straggling dependency... but to no avail.

Regardless of what I set, PPP refuses to "register" with the kernel.

Please help.

-- Mike

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