Alternative to UserMode for development ?

Alternative to UserMode for development ?

Post by Francois Cartegni » Wed, 25 Jun 2003 20:12:12


I wanted to develop under usermode for developping network code, but
the ingress qdiscs are not supported.

Is there any other way to debug ?



1. Usermode Interface impl. ?


Solaris comes with a very nice API to deal with network interfaces, namely
the DLPI. While this API is nice, I'm looking out whether it is possible to
use an interface in "reverse" mode, either via DLPI or another API provided
by Solaris.

To explain it: I want to implement a particular interface in user mode, i.e.
as some process (daemon). Therefore I need an API which allows me to:

 - create a new interface in the kernel, and return an fd (STREAMS head)
   to deal with it
 - "receive" IP packets on this interface by means of sending them
   downstream, f.i. by write() or putmsg()
 - "send" IP packets on this interface by getting them sent upstream,
   using read() or getmsg()
 - disconnect and destroy the interface.

(If you think I mixed up the meaning of send and receive, read again ;)

Is there a chance to do this in Solaris 2.x with supplied APIs only (i.e.
no additional kernel code) ?

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