eicon diva 2.0

eicon diva 2.0

Post by Elias Bolsta » Sat, 03 Jan 1998 04:00:00

i have an eicon diva 2.0 isdn card and wonders if anyone have any routines
for setting up this card under red hat 4.0



1. Linux support for Eicon Diva 2.0 Pro ISDN card?

Hi all!

I'm currently running a dial-on-demand network at work with a 28k modem
but we need more
speed so we're planning on moving on to ISDN. Our ISP offers a special
package with an Eicon
Diva 2.0 Pro ISDN card. The card seems very attractive but the question
is does Linux support
this ISDN card? I can recall that I read a year ago or so that someone
had made a working
device driver for the Diva card but I can't remember who and where.

Can we use this card or is there some problems along the way?

Regards, John

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