Help with a scsi to scsi controller

Help with a scsi to scsi controller

Post by Sean McAda » Tue, 08 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hi all:
        I am trying to use a Mylex 960Si scsi to scsi controller with an
Adaptec 3985.  I cannot get the system to access more then a couple
blocks with out the system locking up, and requiring a hard reset.  The
system is a P133 Intel, 194 Megs, IDE boot drive, the above mentioned
scsi cards with 7 seagate 4 gig drives in a raid 5 configuration.

        The controllers both work under DOS 6.22.  With DOS I can access the
hell out of the drives with no problems.  Under linux, the system locks
up tighter then a frogs ass...

        Any help, suggestions, input is welcome.


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1. One SCSI controller is not recognized with another SCSI controller


I have an ISA SCSI controller (AHA1522B) to which Iomega Jaz external
and Plextor SCSI CD-ROM internal are attached and a PCI SCSI (AHA2940UW)
with two wide hard drives attached (C:, D:).

When I tried to boot from Debian Linux (Debian GNU/Linux 1.2.2), the
first SCSI controller (AHA1522B) was not recognized, but AHA2940UW was.
I disabled the bios of AHA1522B in vain. I tried with Slackware Linux
with the same result.

I can connect the CD-ROM to AHA2940UW, but I have Jaz still on the
AHA1522B since AHA2940UW works that way.

Please let me know if there is any way I can use both of the controllers
or I can use all of the devices (Wide SCSI H/Ds, SCSI CD-ROM, SCSI Jaz)
on the AHA2940UW..

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