writing new filesystem

writing new filesystem

Post by Simon Jackson, BEn » Wed, 23 Jan 2002 07:18:26

i think it would fit in a proc entry. which file would i hack to get a
base dir in the proc?

i'd build my own file tree, and it would get mounted with the proc.

has the advantage of being memory resident, compressed file system

can you access another file system from one filesystem?

cheers for any help in getting /proc/k/<root ext2?> up and working.


1. Writing new filesystem

I am interested in writing a new filesystems. For that purpose I
took thr src from msdos and tried to do the compiling. The
Makefile in the msdos directory does not run. It gives the error
that TOPDIR is not set. I set it ti /usr/src/linux so as to add
the Rules.make but this time it gives the other errors. It
compiles with cc and without seting the --KERNEL-- that leads to
many errors. Now my question is that how do  I compile the code
which I have put in /usr/src/linux/fs/myfs
the directory to hold the code for my new filesystems.

I tried to execute the make file from /usr/src/linux to create the
new kernel but here again it does not take into account the new ly
added dir. I then followed to make dep. In this it goes to myfs
dir but no compiletion happens. It creates two files myfs.ver and
myfs.ver but both of zero bytes. This means that gcc did not
compile the code in myfs dir? What should I do now?


Atta Dipa Bhava
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