At1700 driver broken?????

At1700 driver broken?????

Post by Ryan Matteso » Wed, 01 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I have been gettng repeated errors with my at1700 ethernet adaptor. The
messages from klogd are:

Jun 30 09:06:59 oscar kernel: eth0: transmit timed out with status 0000,
network cable problem?
Jun 30 09:06:59 oscar kernel: eth0: timeout registers: 4000 8182 41f6
e85a 6c20 0001 8000 0001.

This keeps hapeening over and over again and in the mean time I cannot
send/receive data!!! The network cable is fine I swapped my Sparc5 cable
with the one I had attached to my linux box. Also are At1500 or Kingston
PCI cards supported?? They are not on the HCL BUT
there is alaways usually someone porting something....Thanks for any



1. How mature is Allied Telesyn AT1700 driver?

   But when I tried to configure the Linux kernel to include the AT1700 driver,
   I noticed that it was an alpha driver.  This makes me wonder: will this driver
   be OK?  I think I'm stuck with the AT1700 cards, but I want to know if I'm
   doomed forever to have Ethernet problems, or should the drivers be OK?

Well, you can read the kernel change summaries yourself at
<>, but there haven't been many changes
to the AT1700 driver over the past year.  That either means that no
one is using it (not likely) or it works fine.


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