RTOS Evaluation Project of Real-Time Magazine launched!

RTOS Evaluation Project of Real-Time Magazine launched!

Post by Alexander Teetaer » Fri, 06 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Real-Time Magazine has launched it RTOS Evaluation Project. You will
find a completely renewed section on Real-Time Operating Systems

A. the updated RTOS Buyer Guide

B. plenty of information about the RTOS Evaluation Project including
technical articles which are free (but password protected) for
downloading about
- the framework & roadmap of the RTOS Evaluations
- preview on the RTOS evaluation of Windows NT
- previews on the RTOS evaluations of the Windows NT Real-Time
- previews on the RTOS evaluation of Windows CE 2.0

C. a renewed section about the use of Windows technology in real-time

You find the RTOS section at
Your register yourself (to get access to the documents) at

Alexander Teetaert
Real-Time Magazine


1. FREE subscription to Real-time Engineering Magazine

If you live inside the US or Canada, and if you design, recommend, specify
or use real-time systems, you qualify for a FREE subscription to Real-Time
Engineering magazine.  (Outside the US and Canada, there is a charge for
the subscription.)  

However, in order to satisfy the US Post Office, we must have a SIGNED
application from you, saying that you really do WANT to
receive the magazine.  

If you want an application for a free subscription, email the following to

FirstName LastName
fax number: xxx-xxx-xxxx
phone number: xxx-xxx-xxxx


FirstName LastName
Street Address
City, State Zip
phone number: xxx-xxx-xxxx

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