what package are as86/ld86 in?

what package are as86/ld86 in?

Post by Bauke Jan Dou » Sat, 29 Mar 1997 04:00:00

They had been around on my system for years and I must have recently
deleted them. :-(
Now I need them to compile dosemu.



1. as86/ld86 problems compiling 1.3.35 kernel

As always, I'm afraid I may be posting a question that's been answered
a billion times, so please bear with me if that's the case.

I'm attempting to compile the 1.3.35 kernel, which I've done successfully
before.  Of course, that was before I updated my system to be ELF compatible.
In so doing, I upgraded to gcc-2.7.0 and binutils-2.5.2l.17.  Now when I try
to compile the kernel, as86 complains that it doesn't know the -0 option.
This occurs near the end of the process, in arch/i386/boot.

Should I just go back to an older version of as86 (and ld86)?  Or is there
something else I'm missing here?

Thanks in advance for any help.



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