Connecting Linux <-->Win 95 via PLIP ??

Connecting Linux <-->Win 95 via PLIP ??

Post by roo » Sat, 13 Jan 1996 04:00:00

From the NET-2-FAQ:

   The Linux plip interface is compatible with the Crynwyr Packet Driver
   PLIP and this will mean that you can connect your Linux machine to a
   DOS machine running any other sort of tcp/ip software via plip.

That's fine and good for DOS, but what about Win95?

Has anyone out there been successful in getting a Win95 box to talk to
Linux using PLIP? What's needed to get something like this to work?


-- Yermo


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        I've been trying to get Windows 95(Build 224) to talk to Linux
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        My main question is has anyone got it going??

        If so any Gotchs?

Thanks in advance


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