Adaptec 2930 SCSI adapter

Adaptec 2930 SCSI adapter

Post by Glen Morrel » Fri, 05 Feb 1999 04:00:00


        Does anyone know about the Adaptec 2930 SCSI adapter,
specifically, how it differs from the 2940 and whether there is a
driver that works for linux?

        Thanks in advance,

                                Glen Morrell


1. ADAPTEC 2930 SCSI Adapter

I just picked up an ADAPTEC 2930 SCSI Adapter and for some reason it isn't
working. I have a half gig hard drive attached to it that isn't being
recognized by my system.

I have a few questions. Please don't RTFM me. How can I determine if the
kernel recognizes the existance of the adapter. I just checked my dmesg and it
has no mention of the SCSI adapter nor any message of the drive attached to
it. Also, /proc/scsi/scsi says that no devices are attached.
Second, if indeed my kernel 2.0.34 does recognize my adapter, how can I get it
to work?

If anybody knows anything, can you please E-mail me?
Thank You,


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