ghostscript elf compiled

ghostscript elf compiled

Post by Marco Pagg » Wed, 15 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I search for Ghostscript ELF compiled for DosLinux with printer drivers for
Canon BJC 600 and Apple ImageWriter II.
Thanks for some help.
Marco Paggi


1. Compiling ghostscript on ELF Linux

Hello all,

I posted a message yesterday about compiling ghostscript as ELF.  Well,
turned out that gs4.03 *does* compile, like someone else pointed out,
unlike gs4.01 or earlier, which didn't compile unless you applied a
to them.

gs4.03 still contains a bug in its makefiles.  It fails to link in all
X libs in the final link stage; this includes Xt, X11, Xext, SM, and
The makefile remembers to link in $(EXTRALIBS) but not $(XLIBS).  I
manually edited unix-gcc.mak to get the correct result.  

The distribution can be fixed by adding $(XLIBS) to the second last line
of unixtail.mak, at the end of the line that says:

    ./echogs -a -s - $(EXTRALIBS) -lm

so that the line becomes:

    ./echogs -a -s - $(EXTRALIBS) -lm $(XLIBS)

$(XLIBS) should be set properly in unix-gcc.mak:

XLIBS=-lX11 -lXt -lXext -lSM -lICE

Hope this is useful for any one wanting to compile ghostscript.



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