16550 and 16650 UARTS

16550 and 16650 UARTS

Post by John Gluc » Sat, 21 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Hi all

I didn't get the original post.

For those who grok spec sheets on chips, National Semiconductor has a
web site. It's just chock full of data sheets on all kinds of things.

It is probably the best way to get all you could want to know


John Gluck


1. 16550 Uarts vs 16650 Uarts!

   Date: Sat, 12 Oct 1996 07:55:31 GMT

   But 230400 and 460800 bps was already possible before that patch!
   It's only the POSIX speedsetting braindamage that disallowed that.

   I am running one line at 7812 bps and one at 76800 bps using a 460800
   baud_base.  That cannot be done using POSIX tcsetospeed even with your
   patch.  You would have to add an infinite series of Bxxxx entries to the
   silly table.

   The TIOCSSERIAL ioctl does it without pain, so I just use that.  Hopefully
   the POSIX folks wake up sometime and add a speed setting call that gets
   an integer argument that directly specifies the bitrate.

Yes, but it's much easier to get application programmers to support
230400 and 460800 if you provide a way to do it within the standard
POSIX framework.  I agree with you that the standard POSIX framework
is.... non-optimal.  However, backwards compatibility with old systems
was a extremely important for the POSIX folks, for better or for worse.

                                                - Ted

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