Interrupts from Soundblaster

Interrupts from Soundblaster

Post by Frank Raci » Wed, 22 Nov 1995 04:00:00

The output from procinfo is showing an awful lot of interrupts coming
from my soundblaster card, about twice as many as timer interrupts.
This is happening even though I'm not doing anything to access the
sound port.  Is this normal, a kernel (sound driver) bug, or stupid
user syndrome?

Using kernel 1.3.42 and PAS-16 set up for PAS and SB modes.  PAS on
IRQ10, SB on IRQ 7.  It seems to work OK, except for generating a
couple million interrupts.




1. "Wild Interrupt" / Soundblaster problem


I am running 0.99pl9 and encounter the message "Wild Interrupt? (IRQ7)"
during the boot sequence.

What does this message mean? Does it indicate a hardware problem?
I have removed all boards that are jumpered to generate IRQ7 (LPT, SB)
but the message persists.

I used to ignore the message, but now I am having problems with the
kernel sounddriver (Ver 1.0b / SB 1.0 set to IRQ7).

"cat > /dev/audio" will not play the whole file but rather short
"pieces" which vary everytime I execute the command.

Could this problem be related to the "Wild Interrupt" message I get at boot

Ideas anyone?



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