How can i alloc a big phys mem for DMA?

How can i alloc a big phys mem for DMA?

Post by p.. » Mon, 01 May 2000 04:00:00

My question is  to allocate a block of continuous physical memory from
the kernel for my driver's DMA.
I've heard that there is a way in patching the kernel, but I failed to
find it in internet by myself. Could anybody help me?
And whether there's a normal way (by kernel API) to solve it?
Any suggestion is welcome.

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1. driver DMA mem alloc question

I have a problem:
I need to allocate some memory in my driver, that can be mapped to physical
addresses for DMA (well, AGP actually), but can be addressed normally by
user-level programs after mmapping.

Normally, I would think of using ddi_dma_buf_bind_handle(), except that
the user is not passing in a struct buf with a userland memory
address; I have to allocate the memory in my driver.

So the fallback I know of is ddi_dma_mem_alloc() ....
except that the manpage says "
     The data access handle is returned in  handlep.  handlep  is
     opaque - drivers may not attempt to interpret its value.  To
     access the data content, the driver must invoke ddi_get8(9F)
     or   ddi_put8(9F) (depending on the data transfer direction)
     with the data access handle."

That implies to me that I'm not supposed to mmap it and let the user
read/write to it "directly".

Am I being overly paranoid, and mmaping is still allowed?
Or should I be using a different alloc strategy altogether?

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