Source of Porting Guidelines?

Source of Porting Guidelines?

Post by Ronald L. Rockhol » Sun, 13 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I'm interested in understanding what would be involved in porting Linux
to another platform.
Since there are several ports already available, I'm hoping that there
are some guidelines and/or some existing documentation for such a task.

1. Open Source guidelines for Java

Before I became (very!) interested in the Open Source software
movement, I used to package my Java programs in a fairly
deep package hierarchy.  This was convenient for my own use,
but has caused minor problems for some novice programmers
using some of my Open Source code, and examples in a few of
my Java books.

I really like using packages for my own work, but I wonder if
they make it a little more difficult when (novice) programmers
want to hack in some existing code, and they do not really
understand how to set up CLASSPATH, etc.  Really, Open Source
is all about making it as easy as possible to re-use code.

I guess that cleaning up the code <grin> would help also!  (My
NLBean is especially "crusty"!).

-- Mark Watson, consultant and author of 11 books on AI, Java, C++.
-- for Open Source (Java, NLPserver, etc.)

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