How to recompile after kernel symbol table changes?

How to recompile after kernel symbol table changes?

Post by Victor Zand » Thu, 22 Oct 1998 04:00:00


    I've been putzing around with the symbols exported in
fs/proc/procfs_syms.c under 2.0.35.  I notice that when I first
rebuild the kernel (with make zImage) after making a change to this
file, it recompiles (essentially) only this file, and then links the
new kernel.  However, if I rebuild immediately again, without touching
anything, it recompiles most of the kernel.  I would expect it to
recompile nothing.

    I don't understand why this happens.  Is it safe to recompile only
once after touching fs/proc/procfs_syms, or should I always rebuild
from scratch?  Why are the make dependencies weak in this case?
(Should I do a make depend after touching fs/proc/procfs_syms?)

    Email copies of replies appreciated.  Thanks.

Vic Zandy


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I have just changed up to 2.4.17 from 2.4.4. and tried to rebuild my device
driver module however it fails to insmod, due to unresolved symbols.

/sbin/ksyms shows that the symbols are there, but the symbol table appears
to have symbolic version info rather than immediate numbers, which I think
is why the module fails to install.

2.4.4 /sbin/ksyms output

address::    Symbol::
0cfeeea3    disable_irq_R3ce6ca6f

2.4.17 /sbin/ksyms output

address::    Symbol::
0cfeeea3    disable_irq_R_ver_disable_irq

Am I doing something stupid during the Kernel compilation, or do I need a
newer version of modutils or something ??



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